January 26 All Events

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January 26th, 2008 (January 26 2008)DeathChristian Brando, actor and son of Marlon Brando (b 1958)Marlon Brando Quotes
January 26th, 2007 (January 26 2007)DeathHans J. Wegner, Danish furniture designer (born in 1914)
January 26th, 2007 (January 26 2007)DeathGump Worsley, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1929)
January 26th, 2006 (January 26 2006)EventWestern Union discontinues use of its telegram service.
January 26th, 2006 (January 26 2006)DeathKhan Abdul Wali Khan, Pakistani opposition leader and Pashtun nationalist (born in 1917)
January 26th, 2006 (January 26 2006)DeathLen Carlson, Canadian actor (born in 1937)
January 26th, 2006 (January 26 2006)DeathCarol Lambrino, son of Carol II of Romania and Zizi Lambrino (born in 1920)
January 26th, 2005 (January 26 2005)EventGlendale train crash: Two trains derail killing 11 and injuring 200 in Glendale, California, near Los Angeles.
January 26th, 2005 (January 26 2005)EventCondoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post.Condoleezza Rice Quotes
January 26th, 2004 (January 26 2004)EventPresident Hamid Karzai signs the new constitution of Afghanistan.Hamid Karzai Quotes
January 26th, 2004 (January 26 2004)EventA whale explodes in the town of Tainan, Taiwan. A build-up of gas in the decomposing Sperm whale is suspected of causing the explosion.
January 26th, 2004 (January 26 2004)DeathFred Haas, American golfer (born in 1916)
January 26th, 2003 (January 26 2003)DeathValeriy Brumel, Soviet Olympic athlete (born in 1942)
January 26th, 2003 (January 26 2003)DeathHugh Trevor-Roper, Baron Dacre of Glanton, English historian (born in 1917)
January 26th, 2003 (January 26 2003)DeathGeorge Younger, 4th Viscount Younger of Leckie, British politician (born in 1931)
January 26th, 2001 (January 26 2001)EventAn earthquake hits Gujarat, India, causing more than 20,000 deaths.
January 26th, 2001 (January 26 2001)DeathAl McGuire, American basketball coach (born in 1928)Al McGuire Quotes
January 26th, 2000 (January 26 2000)DeathDon Budge, American tennis player (born in 1915)
January 26th, 2000 (January 26 2000)DeathKathleen Hale, British author (born in 1898)
January 26th, 2000 (January 26 2000)DeathA. E. van Vogt, Canadian-born author (born in 1912)
January 26th, 1998 (January 26 1998)EventLewinsky scandal: On American television, U.S. President Bill Clinton denies having had "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.Bill Clinton Quotes
January 26th, 1998 (January 26 1998)DeathShinichi Suzuki, Japanese music teacher (born in 1898)
January 26th, 1997 (January 26 1997)DeathJeane Dixon, American astrologer (born in 1904)
January 26th, 1996 (January 26 1996)DeathGeorg Alexander, Duke of Mecklenburg, head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (born in 1921)
January 26th, 1996 (January 26 1996)DeathHarold Brodkey, American author (born in 1930)
January 26th, 1996 (January 26 1996)DeathHenry Lewis, American musician and conductor (born in 1932)
January 26th, 1996 (January 26 1996)DeathStevie Plunder, Australian musician (born in 1963)
January 26th, 1996 (January 26 1996)DeathDave Schultz, American wrestler (born in 1959)
January 26th, 1993 (January 26 1993)BirthCameron Bright, Canadian actor
January 26th, 1993 (January 26 1993)DeathJan Gies, Dutch resistance leader (born in 1905)
January 26th, 1993 (January 26 1993)DeathJeanne Sauve, Governor-General of Canada (born in 1922)
January 26th, 1993 (January 26 1993)DeathRobert Jacobsen, Danish artist (born in 1912)
January 26th, 1992 (January 26 1992)EventBoris Yeltsin announces that Russia is going to stop targeting United States cities with nuclear weapons.Boris Yeltsin Quotes
January 26th, 1992 (January 26 1992)DeathJose Ferrer, Puerto Rican actor (born in 1912)
January 26th, 1991 (January 26 1991)EventMohamed Siad Barre is removed in Somalia, ending centralized government
January 26th, 1990 (January 26 1990)BirthChristopher Massey, American actor
January 26th, 1990 (January 26 1990)DeathLewis Mumford, American historian (born in 1895)Lewis Mumford Quotes
January 26th, 1990 (January 26 1990)DeathBob Gerard, British racing driver (born in 1914)
January 26th, 1989 (January 26 1989)BirthEmily Hughes, American figure skater
January 26th, 1988 (January 26 1988)EventAndrew Lloyd Webber s The Phantom of the Opera has its first performance on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre in New York.
January 26th, 1988 (January 26 1988)BirthMia Rose, British-Portuguese singer
January 26th, 1987 (January 26 1987)BirthVladimir Garin, Russian actor (died in 2003)
January 26th, 1986 (January 26 1986)BirthGerald Green, American basketball player
January 26th, 1986 (January 26 1986)BirthMatt Heafy, American musician (Trivium)
January 26th, 1986 (January 26 1986)BirthShantelle Taylor, Canadian professional wrestler
January 26th, 1984 (January 26 1984)BirthLayla Kayleigh, British television personality
January 26th, 1984 (January 26 1984)BirthIain Turner, Scottish footballer
January 26th, 1984 (January 26 1984)BirthLuo Xuejuan, Chinese swimmer
January 26th, 1983 (January 26 1983)DeathPaul "Bear" Bryant, American football coach (born in 1913)
January 26th, 1981 (January 26 1981)BirthJuan Jose Haedo, Argentinian Cyclist
January 26th, 1980 (January 26 1980)EventIsrael and Egypt establish diplomatic relations.
January 26th, 1979 (January 26 1979)BirthSara Rue, American actress
January 26th, 1979 (January 26 1979)DeathNelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States (born in 1908)
January 26th, 1978 (January 26 1978)BirthEsteban German, Dominican baseball player
January 26th, 1978 (January 26 1978)BirthCorina Morariu, American tennis player
January 26th, 1978 (January 26 1978)BirthKelly Stables, American actress
January 26th, 1977 (January 26 1977)BirthVince Carter, American basketball player
January 26th, 1977 (January 26 1977)BirthJustin Gimelstob, American tennis player
January 26th, 1976 (January 26 1976)BirthFrankie Rayder, American model
January 26th, 1976 (January 26 1976)BirthWillie Adler, American guitar player
January 26th, 1976 (January 26 1976)DeathJoao Branco Nuncio, Portuguese Bullfighter (born in 1901)
January 26th, 1974 (January 26 1974)BirthShannon Hale, American author
January 26th, 1973 (January 26 1973)BirthMayu Shinjo, Japanese mangaka
January 26th, 1973 (January 26 1973)DeathEdward G. Robinson, American actor (born in 1893)
January 26th, 1973 (January 26 1973)DeathJay C. Higginbotham, American musician (born in 1906)
January 26th, 1971 (January 26 1971)BirthBryan Callen, American actor
January 26th, 1971 (January 26 1971)BirthDorian Gregory, American actor
January 26th, 1970 (January 26 1970)BirthKirk Franklin, American singer
January 26th, 1970 (January 26 1970)BirthTracy Middendorf, American actress
January 26th, 1968 (January 26 1968)BirthRavi Teja, Tollywood film actor
January 26th, 1968 (January 26 1968)DeathMerrill C. Meigs, American newspaper publisher (born in 1883)
January 26th, 1968 (January 26 1968)DeathYvor Winters, American poet (born in 1900)Yvor Winters Quotes
January 26th, 1967 (January 26 1967)BirthPradip Somasundaran, Indian playback singer
January 26th, 1966 (January 26 1966)EventThe Beaumont Children go missing from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia.
January 26th, 1965 (January 26 1965)EventHindi becomes the official language of India.
January 26th, 1965 (January 26 1965)BirthNatalia Yurchenko, Soviet gymnast
January 26th, 1965 (January 26 1965)BirthThomas Ostros, Swedish politician
January 26th, 1964 (January 26 1964)BirthPaul Johansson, American actor
January 26th, 1963 (January 26 1963)BirthJose Mourinho, Portuguese football manager
January 26th, 1963 (January 26 1963)BirthAndrew Ridgeley, English musician
January 26th, 1962 (January 26 1962)EventRanger program: Ranger 3 is launched to study the moon. The space probe later missed the moon by 22,000 miles (35,400 km).
January 26th, 1962 (January 26 1962)BirthOscar Ruggeri, Argentine footballer
January 26th, 1962 (January 26 1962)DeathLucky Luciano, American mobster (born in 1897)
January 26th, 1961 (January 26 1961)EventJohn F. Kennedy appoints Janet G. Travell to be his physician. This is the first time a woman holds this appointment.John F. Kennedy Quotes
January 26th, 1961 (January 26 1961)BirthWayne Gretzky, Canadian ice hockey player
January 26th, 1961 (January 26 1961)DeathStan Nichols, English cricketer (born in 1900)
January 26th, 1960 (January 26 1960)BirthRoad Warrior Animal, American professional wrestler
January 26th, 1960 (January 26 1960)BirthCharlie Gillingham, American musician (Counting Crows)Eric Gill Quotes
January 26th, 1958 (January 26 1958)EventJapanese ferry Nankai Maru capsized off southern Awaji Island, Japan, 167 killed.
January 26th, 1958 (January 26 1958)BirthAnita Baker, American singer
January 26th, 1958 (January 26 1958)BirthEllen DeGeneres, American actress and comedianEllen DeGeneres Quotes
January 26th, 1958 (January 26 1958)BirthSalvador Sanchez, Mexican boxer
January 26th, 1955 (January 26 1955)BirthEddie Van Halen, Dutch musician
January 26th, 1954 (January 26 1954)BirthKim Hughes, Australian cricketer
January 26th, 1953 (January 26 1953)BirthAnders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark
January 26th, 1953 (January 26 1953)BirthLucinda Williams, American singer
January 26th, 1953 (January 26 1953)DeathAthanase David, French Canadian politician and businessman (born in 1882)
January 26th, 1952 (January 26 1952)EventBlack Saturday in Egypt: riots burn Cairo s central business district, targeting British and upper-class Egyptian businesses.
January 26th, 1952 (January 26 1952)DeathKhorloogiin Choibalsan, leader of Mongolia (born in 1895)
January 26th, 1950 (January 26 1950)EventIndia promulgates its constitution forming a republic and Rajendra Prasad is sworn in as its first president Republic Day.
January 26th, 1950 (January 26 1950)BirthJanet Lupo, American model
January 26th, 1949 (January 26 1949)BirthJonathan Carroll, American author
January 26th, 1949 (January 26 1949)BirthDavid Strathairn, American actor
January 26th, 1947 (January 26 1947)BirthMichel Sardou, French singer
January 26th, 1947 (January 26 1947)BirthPatrick Dewaere, French actor (died in 1982)
January 26th, 1947 (January 26 1947)DeathGrace Moore, American soprano (born in 1898)
January 26th, 1947 (January 26 1947)DeathPrince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Vasterbotten, (born in 1906)
January 26th, 1946 (January 26 1946)BirthGene Siskel, American film critic (died in 1999)
January 26th, 1946 (January 26 1946)DeathAdriaan van Maanen, Dutch-American astronomer (born in 1884)
January 26th, 1945 (January 26 1945)BirthJacqueline du Pre, English cellist (died in 1987)
January 26th, 1944 (January 26 1944)BirthAngela Davis, American feminist and activist
January 26th, 1943 (January 26 1943)BirthCesar Gutierrez, Venezuelan baseball player (died in 2005)
January 26th, 1943 (January 26 1943)BirthJean Knight, American singer
January 26th, 1943 (January 26 1943)BirthAustin "Jack" Warner,Trinidadian FIFA Vice-President and CONCACAF President
January 26th, 1943 (January 26 1943)DeathHarry H. Laughlin, American eugenicist (born in 1880)
January 26th, 1943 (January 26 1943)DeathNikolai Vavilov, Russian botanist (born in 1887)
January 26th, 1942 (January 26 1942)EventWorld War II: The first United States forces arrive in Europe landing in Northern Ireland.
January 26th, 1942 (January 26 1942)BirthSouad Hosni, Egyptian actress (died in 2001)
January 26th, 1942 (January 26 1942)DeathFelix Hausdorff, German mathematician (born in 1868)
January 26th, 1941 (January 26 1941)BirthScott Glenn, American actor
January 26th, 1941 (January 26 1941)BirthHenry Jaglom, English director
January 26th, 1939 (January 26 1939)EventSpanish Civil War: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco and aided by Italy take Barcelona.
January 26th, 1937 (January 26 1937)BirthJoseph Saidu Momoh, Sierra Leone political leader (died in 2003)
January 26th, 1936 (January 26 1936)BirthSal Buscema, American comic book artist
January 26th, 1935 (January 26 1935)BirthBob Uecker, American baseball player and broadcaster
January 26th, 1934 (January 26 1934)EventThe Apollo Theater reopens in Harlem, New York City.
January 26th, 1934 (January 26 1934)EventGerman-Polish Non-Aggression Pact is signed.
January 26th, 1934 (January 26 1934)BirthRoger Landry, Quebec businessman and newspaper publisher
January 26th, 1933 (January 26 1933)BirthErcole Baldini, Italian cyclist
January 26th, 1933 (January 26 1933)DeathAlva Belmont, American socialite (born in 1853)
January 26th, 1932 (January 26 1932)BirthCoxsone Dodd, Jamaican record producer
January 26th, 1932 (January 26 1932)DeathWilliam Wrigley Jr., American industrialist (born in 1861)
January 26th, 1931 (January 26 1931)BirthMary Murphy, American film actress
January 26th, 1930 (January 26 1930)EventThe Indian National Congress declares 26 January as Independence Day or as the day for Poorna Swaraj (Complete Independence) which occurred 20 years later.
January 26th, 1929 (January 26 1929)BirthJules Feiffer, American cartoonist and writer
January 26th, 1929 (January 26 1929)BirthGordon Solie, American wrestling commentator (died in 2000)
January 26th, 1928 (January 26 1928)BirthRoger Vadim, French film director and actor (died in 2000)
January 26th, 1927 (January 26 1927)BirthJose Azcona del Hoyo, President of Honduras (died in 2005)
January 26th, 1927 (January 26 1927)BirthBob Nieman, American baseball player (died in 1985)
January 26th, 1926 (January 26 1926)BirthFarman Fatehpuri, Pakistani scholar
January 26th, 1926 (January 26 1926)DeathJohn Flannagan, 2nd president of St. Ambrose University Ambrose Quotes
January 26th, 1925 (January 26 1925)BirthJoan Leslie, American actress
January 26th, 1925 (January 26 1925)BirthPaul Newman, American actor, philanthropist, race car driver and race team ownerPaul Newman Quotes
January 26th, 1925 (January 26 1925)BirthClaude Ryan, Quebec newspaper editor (died in 2004)
January 26th, 1924 (January 26 1924)BirthRauf Denktas, Cypriot politician
January 26th, 1924 (January 26 1924)BirthAnnette Strauss, American philanthropist and politician (died in 1998)
January 26th, 1924 (January 26 1924)BirthAlice Babs, Swedish singer
January 26th, 1923 (January 26 1923)BirthAnne Jeffreys, American actress
January 26th, 1922 (January 26 1922)BirthMichael Bentine, British comedian (died in 1996)
January 26th, 1921 (January 26 1921)BirthAkio Morita, Japanese businessman (died in 1999)
January 26th, 1921 (January 26 1921)BirthEddie Barclay, French producer (Barclay Records) (died in 2005)
January 26th, 1920 (January 26 1920)EventFormer Ford Motor Co. executive Henry Leland launches the Lincoln Motor Company which he later sold to his former employer.O. Henry Quotes
January 26th, 1918 (January 26 1918)BirthNicolae Ceausescu, Romanian dictator (died in 1989)
January 26th, 1918 (January 26 1918)BirthPhilip Jose Farmer, American writer
January 26th, 1915 (January 26 1915)BirthWilliam Hopper, American actor (died in 1970)
January 26th, 1914 (January 26 1914)BirthPrincess Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Durruhsehvar (died in 2006)
January 26th, 1913 (January 26 1913)BirthJimmy Van Heusen, American songwriter (died in 1990)
January 26th, 1911 (January 26 1911)EventGlenn H. Curtiss flies the first successful seaplane.
January 26th, 1911 (January 26 1911)EventRichard Strauss opera Der Rosenkavalier receives its debut performance at the Dresden State Opera.Richard Strauss Quotes
January 26th, 1911 (January 26 1911)BirthPolykarp Kusch, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1993)
January 26th, 1911 (January 26 1911)BirthNorbert Schultze, German composer and songwriter (died in 2002)
January 26th, 1910 (January 26 1910)BirthJean Image, Hungarian-born French animator (died in 1989)
January 26th, 1908 (January 26 1908)BirthStephane Grappelli, French jazz violinist (died in 1997)
January 26th, 1908 (January 26 1908)BirthJill Esmond, English actress (died in 1990)
January 26th, 1907 (January 26 1907)EventThe Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III is officially introduced into British Military Service, and remains the oldest military rifle still in official use.
January 26th, 1905 (January 26 1905)EventThe Cullinan Diamond is found near Pretoria, South Africa at the Premier Mine.
January 26th, 1905 (January 26 1905)BirthCharles Lane, American actor (died in 2007)
January 26th, 1905 (January 26 1905)BirthMaria von Trapp, Austrian-born singer (died in 1987)
January 26th, 1904 (January 26 1904)BirthAncel Keys, American scientist (died in 2004)
January 26th, 1904 (January 26 1904)BirthSean MacBride, Irish statesman, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1988)
January 26th, 1904 (January 26 1904)DeathWhitaker Wright, English mining tycoon (born in 1846)
January 26th, 1902 (January 26 1902)BirthMenno ter Braak, Dutch author and polemicist (died in 1940)
January 26th, 1901 (January 26 1901)BirthStuart Symington, American politician (died in 1988)
January 26th, 1900 (January 26 1900)BirthKarl Ristenpart, German conductor (died in 1967)
January 26th, 1893 (January 26 1893)BirthGiuseppe Genco Russo, Sicilian mafioso (died in 1976)
January 26th, 1893 (January 26 1893)DeathAbner Doubleday, credited inventor of baseball (born in 1819)
January 26th, 1892 (January 26 1892)BirthZara Cully, American actress (died in 1978)
January 26th, 1892 (January 26 1892)BirthBessie Coleman, American pioneer aviator (died in 1926)
January 26th, 1891 (January 26 1891)BirthFrank Costello, Italian-born gangster (died in 1973)
January 26th, 1891 (January 26 1891)BirthWilder Penfield, American-born Canadian neurosurgeon (died in 1976)
January 26th, 1891 (January 26 1891)DeathNikolaus August Otto, German inventor (born in 1833)
January 26th, 1887 (January 26 1887)BirthFrancois Faber, Luxembourgian cyclist (died in 1915)
January 26th, 1887 (January 26 1887)BirthMarc Mitscher, American Navy Admiral (died in 1947)
January 26th, 1886 (January 26 1886)DeathDavid Rice Atchison, American politician (born in 1807)
January 26th, 1885 (January 26 1885)EventTroops loyal to The Mahdi conquer Khartoum.
January 26th, 1885 (January 26 1885)DeathEdward Davy, English inventor (born in 1806)
January 26th, 1885 (January 26 1885)DeathCharles George Gordon, British general (born in 1833)
January 26th, 1880 (January 26 1880)BirthDouglas MacArthur, American general and Medal of Honor recipient (died in 1964)Douglas MacArthur Quotes
January 26th, 1870 (January 26 1870)EventAmerican Civil War: Virginia rejoins the Union.
January 26th, 1870 (January 26 1870)DeathVictor, 3rd duc de Broglie, French statesman and diplomat (born in 1785)
January 26th, 1869 (January 26 1869)DeathDuncan Gordon Boyes, English recipient of the Victoria Cross (born in 1846)
January 26th, 1868 (January 26 1868)BirthJuventino Rosas, Mexican composer (died in 1894)
January 26th, 1863 (January 26 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: General Ambrose Burnside is relieved of command of the Army of the Potomac after the disastrous Fredericksburg campaign. He is replaced by Joseph Hooker. Ambrose Quotes
January 26th, 1863 (January 26 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Massachusetts Governor receives permission from Secretary of War to raise a militia organization for men of African descent.
January 26th, 1861 (January 26 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: The state of Louisiana secedes from the Union.
January 26th, 1857 (January 26 1857)Birththe 12th Dalai Lama (died in 1875)
January 26th, 1856 (January 26 1856)EventFirst Battle of Seattle (1856). Marines from the USS Decatur drive off American Indian attackers after all day battle with settlers.
January 26th, 1855 (January 26 1855)EventPoint No Point Treaty signed in Washington Territory.
January 26th, 1855 (January 26 1855)DeathGerard de Nerval, French writer (born in 1808)
January 26th, 1852 (January 26 1852)BirthPierre Savorgnan de Brazza (Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazza), explorer (died in 1905)
January 26th, 1842 (January 26 1842)BirthFrancois Coppee, French poet and novelist (died in 1908)
January 26th, 1841 (January 26 1841)EventThe United Kingdom formally occupies Hong Kong, which China later formally ceded.
January 26th, 1838 (January 26 1838)EventTennessee enacts the first prohibition law in the United States
January 26th, 1837 (January 26 1837)EventMichigan is admitted as the 26th U.S. state.
January 26th, 1832 (January 26 1832)BirthGeorge Shiras Jr., U.S. Supreme Court justice (died in 1924)
January 26th, 1826 (January 26 1826)BirthJulia Dent Grant, First Lady of the United States (died in 1902)
January 26th, 1824 (January 26 1824)DeathTheodore Gericault, French painter (born in 1791)
January 26th, 1823 (January 26 1823)DeathEdward Jenner, English physician (born in 1749)
January 26th, 1813 (January 26 1813)BirthJuan Pablo Duarte, Dominican founding father (died in 1876
January 26th, 1808 (January 26 1808)EventRum Rebellion, the only successful (albeit short-lived) armed takeover of the government in Australia.
January 26th, 1799 (January 26 1799)DeathGabriel Christie, British general (born in 1722)
January 26th, 1795 (January 26 1795)DeathJohann Christoph Friedrich Bach, German composer (born in 1732)
January 26th, 1788 (January 26 1788)EventThe British First Fleet, led by Arthur Phillip, sails into Sydney Harbour to establish Sydney, the first permanent European settlement on the continent. Commemorated as Australia Day
January 26th, 1781 (January 26 1781)BirthAchim von Arnim, German poet (died in 1831)
January 26th, 1763 (January 26 1763)BirthCharles XIV John of Sweden, Napoleonic general (died in 1844)
January 26th, 1750 (January 26 1750)DeathAlbert Schultens, Dutch philologist (born in 1686) Philo Quotes
January 26th, 1744 (January 26 1744)DeathLudwig Andreas Graf Khevenhuller, Austrian field marshal (born in 1683)
January 26th, 1736 (January 26 1736)EventStanislaus I of Poland abdicates his throne.
January 26th, 1722 (January 26 1722)BirthAlexander Carlyle, Scottish church leader (died in 1805)
January 26th, 1716 (January 26 1716)BirthGeorge Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville, British soldier and politician (died in 1785)
January 26th, 1714 (January 26 1714)BirthJean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor (died in 1785)
January 26th, 1700 (January 26 1700)EventThe magnitude 9 Cascadia Earthquake took place off the west coast of the North America, as evidenced by Japanese records.
January 26th, 1699 (January 26 1699)EventTreaty of Carlowitz signed.
January 26th, 1697 (January 26 1697)DeathGeorg Mohr, Danish mathematician (born in 1640)
January 26th, 1636 (January 26 1636)DeathJean Hotman, Marquis de Villers-St-Paul, French diplomat (born in 1552)
January 26th, 1630 (January 26 1630)DeathHenry Briggs, English mathematician (born in 1556)
January 26th, 1589 (January 26 1589)EventJob is elected as Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
January 26th, 1567 (January 26 1567)DeathNicholas Wotton, English diplomat
January 26th, 1565 (January 26 1565)EventBattle of Talikota, fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the Islamic sultanates of the Deccan, leads to the subjugation, and eventual destruction of the last Hindu kingdom in India, and the consolidation of Islamic rule over much of the Indian subcontinent.
January 26th, 1564 (January 26 1564)EventThe Council of Trent issued its conclusions in the Tridentinum, establishing a distinction between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.
January 26th, 1541 (January 26 1541)BirthFlorent Chrestien, French writer (died in 1596)
January 26th, 1531 (January 26 1531)EventLisbon, Portugal hit by an earthquake--thousands die.
January 26th, 1500 (January 26 1500)EventVicente Yanez Pinzon becomes the first European to set foot on Brazil.
January 26th, 1497 (January 26 1497)BirthEmperor Go-Nara of Japan (died in 1557)
January 26th, 1340 (January 26 1340)EventKing Edward III of England is declared King of France.
January 26th, 0946 (January 26 0946)DeathEadgyth, German Queen

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